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Feb 132012

A Poem for my Daughter on Valentines day

I wrote the following poem for my daughter for valentines this year. She may only be four, but I hope that her mum puts it (I wrote it on a nice letter) somewhere safe for her so that when she’s much older, she comes across it and is reminded just how much she is loved by her soppy old dad.

To My Beautiful Princess,

Your eyes always twinkle and shine like star light,

Your smile makes me giggle and laugh with delight.

Your hugs and affection are second to none,

and I hear you are even good to your mum.


I can’t help but smile just hearing your name,

and seeing you sleeping does just the same.

And whether you’re here of we’re far apart,

you’ll always be part of me…

Heart shaped image for valentines poem to my daughter that says ' in my heart'

Love, Dad xxx

I remember discovering, after his death, that my father liked to write poems (and rather good ones at that). Reading them reminded me so much of him and yet it was also an aspect of him that I’d never seen before. It made me wonder and question just how well I knew him and feel his loss even more keenly and yet at the same time, it filled me with pride and happiness that even after he was no longer with us, I was still discovering things about him as though he was still here.

I hope we all can make happy memories that last beyond a lifetime.

Happy Valentines day everyone,



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  3 Responses to “A Poem for my Daughter on Valentines”

  1. That’s really sweet dude. You’re such a rockstar Dad!!

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