Hide and Seek: discovering the REAL game

Understanding why children play games and what each game means to each child was a real turning point for me in how I engage in my daughter’s play. Today’s video is about one game in particular: hide and seek and how the deeper meaning of the game allows her to deal with the real life situation that she doesn’t live full time with me and how I can use that understanding to make sure she knows and understands just how important her visits are and help her deal with the feelings she has about it.

Oh, and please forgive the beard. I was experimenting (again) with facial hair, but I’ve decided that it really isn’t me and it will be coming off asap.

3 thoughts on “Hide and Seek: discovering the REAL game”

  1. Thanks John, connection is all important but fortunately facial hair isn’t so it’s all gone now. It was soo itchy too!

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