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Mission Statement

To enable parents and children better communicate through reading, telling, creating and sharing stories.

Kidmunication is aimed at parents, guardians, teachers and anyone who gets to spend time with children.

It is not about getting children to read (though spending more time reading and telling stories with your kids will inevitably help them in that).

Kidmunication is about helping you, the adults and roll models for our children, choose, create and share the best medium for effective communication with kids : stories.

We’ll be sharing the best methods of choosing bedtime stories, how to make the most of the books you read with your kids and even how to create your own stories custom made for your child and their dreams/requirements.

Some of the topics around stories and story time we’ll cover are :


Share bedtime stories and spend story time with children to help understand eachother and communicate with our kids

Questions? Want to share a story you’ve written or a tale about a story that made a huge impact on you or your child?

Kidmunication isn’t just about us sharing our experience and knowledge with you. We want to hear your questions, your ideas and your stories. We want this site to become a community of people who enjoy sharing story time with their children.

Tell us your bedtime story and ideas for communicating better with kids or email us direct @ info@kidmunication.com

Funding stories at Kidmunication :

We also make no bones about recommending specific, relevant 3rd party sites and products (sometimes with exclusive discounts) that we feel will help us (and therefore you) achieve our mission statement. We do make commission on some of the things we promote however the money earned only goes to help us create and find more high value content for you and your kids and you can be sure we’ll vet and be as independent as we can on what we do.

Cookies and Kidmunication:

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Email us direct @ info@kidmunication.com or use the contact page to tell us your story.

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