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Valentine’s poem for my daughter

A poem from a dad to a daughter for valentines day

As I explained in my Valentine’s poem last year, my Dad was a secret poet and I didn’t find out until after he died so every now and then, I like to do something special for Olivia. Be it drawing a picture and posting it to her or writing and then reading a poem. Below is this year’s attempt at bringing together a game we enjoy playing and referencing places she knows.

It took me an hour to write (on the train from Gravesend to London Waterloo) and I hope it gives you some ideas or the motivation to give it a go yourself. I’m no poet laureate so I hope the effort and personal nature of the poem demonstrates to her that I love her with all my heart.

To Olivia,

From here to the beach at Margate,
(But not stopping there: mustn’t be late!)

Onwards to Paris and further still:
To Italy, Rome and Greece if you will.

On past the place that you love the most:
(that’s Turkey of course and the Turquoise coast)

To Moscow, Berlin and Johannesburg to,
To Canada and Alaska where it’s too cold for you.

To the Moon and back,
And not only that!

Around the Globe, twice
(Or perhaps even thrice!)

To the bottom of the Ocean,
(And that’s a craaazy notion!)

But why all this way?

Why don’t I just say,
I love you how much?

A stick man I drew in my daughters valentine card to accompany the poem to show her just how much her Dad loves her.

I love you this much.


I should explain that Olivia and I have a little game we play in the car or, thinking about it, pretty much any time where one of us will choose a number and say that they love the other that much.


“Yes Daddy?”

“I love you 5!”

“I love you 6!”

etc. etc.

It quickly escalates from there with numbers getting bigger and bigger until we get to physical descriptions of space.

“I love you to Turkey! AND back!” (Olivia has had a couple of holidays there and she has a rough idea of where it is and how long it takes to get there)

Eventually we run out of descriptions of things and go totally abstract:

“I love you chocolate buttons!”

“I love you swings!”

It usually ends in fits of giggles and a big hug (assuming we’re not in the car – that would be dangerous…)

If you’ve written a poem or tale for your kids, do share the story in the comments. I’d love to hear what other parents are making of it.

A Free Children’s story with a lesson – Perseverance

A children’s story with a lesson about Perseverance

The following story I wrote for my daughter to help her with learning to stick at something and keep trying even if it is extremely frustrating and difficult.  I wrote it because my daughter is being taught to write at school so we’re practicing at weekends though she’s struggling to find the ability to keep at it and it’s turning into a bit of a battle.

We actually started this story together and the two young fairies were named by my daughter. She loves it when we tell stories together and she’ll often suggest which direction the story should go or what the characters are doing or what they’re like. It’s a great storytelling technique and I’m constantly amazed at where my daughter’s imagination takes us!

Creating stories for and indeed with our kids isn’t really that difficult and can be both educational and fun not to mention the closeness that imagining together fosters between us. Continue reading A Free Children’s story with a lesson – Perseverance

An Easter poem for my daughter

My daughter is in Australia with her mum for the whole of April, so I thought I’d write her a poem in a card she could take with her and open on Easter day as I’m not going to see her for over a month!

I’m not a very good poet, but that doesn’t really matter. For me it’s that I’ve made the effort and, like the pictures I draw for her, it’s another way of communicating with her and showing her how important she is and what she means to me.
Tell stories and communicate with your kids through poems and pictures. These are also great storytelling techniques


Dear Olivia,

I hope you’re having a whole heap of fun,
Down in Australia, out in the sun.

I’m back in England missing my daughter,
And I hope youre being safe, out there in the water.

Speaking of which, what’s it like in the sea?
can you bring something nice from the beach back to me?

With all of my heart: I love you O,
I just thought I’d say, as I miss you so.

So come home soon and tell me all about it,
(your holiday that is, not the Easter Rabbit.)

Happy Easter Olivia!

Love you,



Does anyone else write letters or cards to their kids?

What do you say?

How awesome does it make them and you feel!?

A Poem for my Daughter on Valentines

A Poem for my Daughter on Valentines day

I wrote the following poem for my daughter for valentines this year. She may only be four, but I hope that her mum puts it (I wrote it on a nice letter) somewhere safe for her so that when she’s much older, she comes across it and is reminded just how much she is loved by her soppy old dad. Continue reading A Poem for my Daughter on Valentines

First day at school

Olivia has been looking forward to going to school for well over a year now and yesterday, at 08.45, she finally got her wish.

Weirdly, her excitement and confidence was incredibly catching and I was actually more emotional when we’d been shopping for her school uniform a couple of weeks before.

Walking O in to her class for the first time was a very strange experience.

There was a clear divide between first-child parents and those for whom, this was all old-hat. Continue reading First day at school