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Magical Storytelling – Free eBook on becoming the master storyteller

We all want the best for our kds and children’s stories and story time is no exception. We have written an eBook aimed at helping those who tell and read children’s stories with kids really make the most of that time.

The book is short (which is why I’ve called it a “Crash course”) but full of techniques, ideas and suggestions.

Some of the stuff in it you’ll be doing already. Some of it, I hope, will be new and thought and action provoking.

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Just in case that’s not enough of a reason, here are a few scenarios to encourage you:

You’re bored of the same stories

Eye contact is a strong storytelling technique and a great one to use when telling a story

Our children love to listen to and read stories with you and you love to read them with them too. Wouldn’t it be nice though, if they didn’t want to read the same story every time! You’re sick to the back teeth of the Gruffalo’s hairy knees and if you have to go on a bear hunt one more time, you’ll be certain to take the gun…

This free magical storytelling eBook has ideas, tips and techniques to make story time fun and engaging and even if you’re reading the same story again and again, we guarantee that if you put these techniques into practice, you and your kids will never get bored of story time.

Make story time fun again!

You struggle to get your kids to engage in story time

Children love stories and they love spending time with their parents. Combine the two and you are creating wonderful childhood memories

You’ve read the literature, you’ve been told by your parents, friends (and even people who have no business telling you what to do) and you’re determined to set aside some time every day to share some stories and books with your kids.

Unfortunately, your darling son or daughter (or maybe both) has other plans… They’re too busy creating their own adventures by climbing the furniture, watching TV and generally resisting your desire to spend some special time with them.

By learning some of the techniques in this free storytelling eBook, you’ll make story time so much fun that your kids will drop everything the second you mention that it’s story time.

Grab your kids’ imaginations and have them crying out for more stories

You know that reading to children is important but can’t seem to find the motivation

The importance of facial gestures, expressions and masks as storytelling techniques

You have a busy life and having children tearing around all day, the last thing you want to do is to set aside even more time to try and get them to listen to you.

Especially with so much admin to do and Aunt Maud is coming round for tea and… and… and…

Magical Storytelling is not just about you giving to your kids. It’s about how you can find the joy and importance of sharing good books and reading with your children. Believe it or not, a good story time leaves you feeling just as amazing as your kids do and before long you’ll be finding all sorts of opportunities to share a quick story.

Find the power in stories and discover how quick and easy it is to share a book with your kids

You already read your children stories but want to really bring them to life and have fun with your kids

A great storytelling technique to master: facial gestures and masks

You have a pile of books on your kids bookshelf, you read stories every day before bed and even sometimes during the day. Your kids and you enjoy the quiet time together and you have high hopes that your kids will grow up to have the same love of books as you do. You, quite rightly, feel like you’re doing well by your kids, but you have the feeling that you could be making story time even more fun.

Magical Storytelling is about mastering the storytelling technique. It’s about making the stories come alive and totally engrossing your audience in the world you’re weaving. It’s about taking the skills you already have and allowing you to consciously work on them and make the lessons, morals and adventures in the stories you tell really sink in and take root in your kids’ brains.

Take your storytelling to a new level

Use the skills in play time with your kids

The skills and ideas in this free eBook apply to any kind of play with your kids. Whether you’re playing the character of a hand puppet or building camps and going on an “Amazon adventure”, the techniques in this course will make you the best playmate your child could have!

It’s not just for children’s stories!

As is introduced in the first chapter of the eBook, we are all natural storytellers and we tell stories and weave tales all the time with our children, adult friends, colleagues and customers alike. This Magical Storytelling eBook will help you become even better at sharing your stories and engaging your audience at any level.

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