An Easter poem for my daughter

My daughter is in Australia with her mum for the whole of April, so I thought I’d write her a poem in a card she could take with her and open on Easter day as I’m not going to see her for over a month!

I’m not a very good poet, but that doesn’t really matter. For me it’s that I’ve made the effort and, like the pictures I draw for her, it’s another way of communicating with her and showing her how important she is and what she means to me.
Tell stories and communicate with your kids through poems and pictures. These are also great storytelling techniques


Dear Olivia,

I hope you’re having a whole heap of fun,
Down in Australia, out in the sun.

I’m back in England missing my daughter,
And I hope youre being safe, out there in the water.

Speaking of which, what’s it like in the sea?
can you bring something nice from the beach back to me?

With all of my heart: I love you O,
I just thought I’d say, as I miss you so.

So come home soon and tell me all about it,
(your holiday that is, not the Easter Rabbit.)

Happy Easter Olivia!

Love you,



Does anyone else write letters or cards to their kids?

What do you say?

How awesome does it make them and you feel!?

2 thoughts on “An Easter poem for my daughter”

  1. Good fathers and daughters have a bond
    That will always smoulder
    Even if she marries as she get older
    And is taken way across the pond
    To live her life sometimes with another
    A response from a mother’s point of view:

    Like sons and mothers
    That unconditional love should never smother
    But is always there in one’s heart
    Those special ones given to us from above
    Grow up suddenly, but whether near or apart
    Always and forever they are our ‘love’

    For my sons and you and your daughter – Yasmin

    1. Yasmin, thank you. This is a really beautiful poem and I’m sure your sons wii appreciate it. Do you write to them regularly? What kind of response do you get?

      I find it’s a very different way of connecting with my daughter and is not a replacement but an addition to our phone calls and time we spend together.


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