Magical Storytelling – Introduction to telling stories with kids

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I’d like to take this first piece to talk us through why we’re here and if I may, before we dive into the good stuff of the storytelling techniques and methods, tell you a brief story…

I’m seven.

Gran is here and it’s dark outside on a cold winter afternoon.

The fire will be lit soon and there’s the possibility of roast chestnuts later.

The dogs are curled up on their beds, noses tucked under their tails, and I’m snuggled on the sofa next to my sisters with the blanket from the dressing up box wrapped around us.

It’s story time and my sister’s and I already know the story that Gran is going to read to us. We’re in that magical place of half excitement and anticipation of the adventure to come and yet also sleepy, warm and full of an unusual snugglyness that makes me feel closer to my sisters than at any other time of my childhood.

There’s something about the way Gran reads the stories that makes them somehow more real than the ones they read at school. Somehow more fun that the ones that Dad reads and somehow more vivid and clear than even the ones Mum reads at bed time.

bedtime storytelling with children and the family time that stories create.

What is it that makes story time with Gran so different from story time with anyone else?

What is it about the way she tells tales of fun and adventure that will make me drop whatever chaos I’ve been engrossed in and come running, ready to be completely quiet and calm and loving?

Now, I have a daughter of my own and I am discovering just how wonderful it is to be telling and creating worlds and fantastical adventures that capture her and whisk her off to the world of imagination.

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