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Sep 122011

The tales our children tell us

Back in June, I posted this video about the story that a picture that my daughter had drawn for me.

I would recommend that you check it out before going much further as this re-visit is an update comparing the previous picture and the story it told with the new picture and the story it tells about mine and my daughter’s relationship.

This last weekend Olivia drew several new drawings for me and I chose one that she was very proud of and talked me through at length.

In the video below, I briefly talk through the new drawing and compare it to the original she did as a comparison of how things have changed between us.

Needless to say we are very happy at the moment and things between Olivia and I have never been more awesome.

The stories that our children tell us are not just verbal ones

They exist in everything they do (and that is also true for adults, though they don’t really like to hear about it) and the ability to understand those stories can give you incredible insight into what and how your child is thinking and feeling.

It can also give you, as it did me, some amazing pointers as to how you can deliberately focus on areas to address any particular aspects of the story before they become issues later on.


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  2 Responses to “What my child’s drawing is telling me – an update”

  1. Time to face the music armed with this great informiaton.

    • Yes indeed. It’s not always comfortable, but it is important. Our kids tell us stuff all the time, we just need to have our eyes and ears open for it.

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